harpphoto.com: Bio

Greg has had a love for the creativity and the technology of photography for as long as he can remember.

At some forgotten age he learned to make pinhole cameras from 126 film cartridges fitted to a cardboard box and wound by a nickel. His parents gave him a 110 camera for his 8th birthday. He experimented with these and other cameras, including 8mm movie cameras, making stop-action films starting Legos and action figures. Exploring the concept of turning a four-dimensional world into a two-dimensional image was intriguing.

Greg began using 35mm SLRs as a teenager, when he began to learn about composition and exposure including Ansel Adams' Zone System. Photojournalism in high school helped him develop his eye and taught him dark room processes. Greg developed his own film for many years after, using some of the first dedicated film scanners to bring these images into the digital domain. When digital SLRs became available, the immediate feedback accelerated Greg’s learning and development.

Greg’s focus has been primarily on nature and landscape photography, although he has dabbled in photographing people and sports.

Greg’s passion is astrophotography.